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5 Sections Of An Impactful Programming Resume

Programmers need a strong computer engineer resume that will make a positive impression in their professional circle and help them grow. But, often, programmers do not understand how to create an impressionable resume.

An impressionable computer engineer resume has at least 5 main sections. These sections include a header, education qualification, and several other areas. Find out all about them.

  1. A header in the beginning

The first and essential part of a strong resume is the header. Although the shortest, the header is one of the most crucial sections of your resume.

The header includes the applicant's name, address, phone number, and email ID.

Since employers contact applicants based on their contact details, make sure to include valid addresses and phone numbers in the header.

  1. Next comes professional objectives

Professional objectives include your professional intentions and past achievements. If you are adding a professional objective to your resume, be specific and discuss only your professional accomplishments and not personal ones.

Please mention your past job designation, employers' names, and how long you served the previous company. Remember, in this section, you do not have to include your achievements.

  1. Up-next qualifications

In the qualification section, highlight your qualification details, along with your highest achievements, college and university names, and GPA calculator. You can also add additional qualifications in this section.

For example, if you know more than one language, you can mention them in this section. However, your resumes must hold supportive documents to justify your claims.

  1. Then come the experiences

In this section, mention all the professional and personal experiences that you have gained. And those which will help you to stand apart from your employers. In this section, you can discuss your internships, summer jobs, volunteer work, and every detail that delivers a positive impression to your employers.

However, you must remember to exclude outdated high school experiences. They will not add any particular value to your resume.

  1. Finally the references

In the final section, you need to add the names of those companies and employers where you have gained your experiences. Then, you can share your reference list in alphabetical order, the names of your past employers, addresses, and email IDs. And your reference list must contain the names of at least three professional entities.

If you find it confusing, you can seek help. Several professional resume makers help write computer engineering, MBA professional resumes.

Including the sections mentioned above in your computer engineer resume will help you gain great audiences. And if you lack substantial professional experience, you can add your soft skills to make your resume more impressionable.


As a programmer, a robust resume is essential. And to create a strong resume, you need to add all the necessary sections that will add meaning to your resume. So, build a strong resume and bag a great job.

Author Bio: Alison Lewis is a programmer with 15+ years of experience. She is also associated with, where students often ask her to help write their computer engineer resumes and hr executive resumes. In addition, Jenna also likes to cook and often cooks for her family.

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