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Apr 07, 2022
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Age Report 3 Geo: Location Report 4 New vs. Returning Report 5 Browser Report 6 Mobile (Device) Report 7 Channels Report 8 Referrals Report 9 Site Speed Report 10 Search Terms Report 11 Ecommerce Report GOOGLE ANALYTICS FOR ECOMMERCE SETUP The first step is to navigate to in your browser and Sign up. Screenshot showing google analytics sign up page You want to choose Website, then fill in your Account Name, Website Name, Website URL and Industry Category as below. Screenshot showing google analytics settings page Choose your Reporting Time Zone and opt to share all your data with Google so they can make their products better and make you more money. Screenshot showing google Telemarketing list analytics settings page Next click Get Tracking ID. Screenshot showing google analytics get tracking ID button Agree to the terms and conditions by ticking the checkboxes, and clicking I Accept. Screenshot showing google analytics terms Screenshot showing a page on google analytics. Now you can grab your Tracking ID and add it to your store. If you ever need to find this again you can go into your Google Analytics, and click on Admin > Tracking Info > Tracking Code. Screenshot showing a page on google analytics Screenshot showing a page on google analytics To add it to your Shopify store navigate to Online Store in the Shopify admin. Then click Preferences. If you don’t use Shopify, you’ll find a similar section inside your ecommerce platform.
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